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Kuptsova Sofiya Nikolaevna, Assistant judge, Pyatigorsk Municipal Court of Stavropol region (34a Universitetskaya street, Pyatigorsk, Stavropol region, Russia),

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Background. The issue of judiciary law has been brought up in juridical science by Russian lawyers-scholars, however it still remains unresolved. Soviet legal scholars considered judiciary law as a branch of law. In the contemporary period of judicial authority development the problems of judiciary and judicial law are actively discussed, but there is no unity in the understanding of the given legal phenomena. The given general theoretical problems have impeled to analyze scientific views on judiciary and judicial law, to give the author’s vision of judiciary and judicial law. The aim of the work is to reveal controversial questions of judiciary and judicial law, their theoretical understanding and distinguishing, to display features of judiciary and judicial law.
Materials and methods. The research tasks were implemented through analyzing scientific literature, the effective federal legislation. The methodological basis included comparative-legal, system, formal-juridical and historical methods.
Results. The research of the notions of judiciary and judicial law will make it possible to distinguish the given legal phenomena in scientific-legal literature, to keep to the uniform understanding of these terms, to adequately utilize them in theory and practice and to realize the necessity of more accurate usage thereof.
Conclusions. Judiciary and judicial law are different legal categories; their usage in the general theory of law should favor the uniform understanding, and the implementation in activities of legistlative, executive and judicial bodies should not vary regarding the interpretation thereof.

Key words

judiciary law, judicial law, legislative body, judicial system, unity of judicial practice, legal proceedings

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